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This month’s Bold Italic Microhood booth winner: Instapainting

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 10.09.04 AM

Storefront is thrilled to announce Instapainting as our winning vendor for tonight’s Bold Italic Microhood event in North Beach. This hot new startup allows anyone to turn a photograph into a handmade oil painting. Come learn how it works and easily create a painting of your pup for that empty space above the fireplace.

Meet CEO Chris Chen and other local makers at The Bold Italic Microhood event:

Date: Thursday, September 18th
Time: 6-8 PM
Location: Intersection of Grant Avenue and Vallejo Street, San Francisco (next to Grant & Green)

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Updated fees: Storefront is now completely free for space owners

storefront UPDATES banner

Back in June, we kicked off summer with 20% lower prices on all Storefront bookings. Until now, the service fees paid by renters and space owners were reduced to 2.5% of the booking price for each party.

Today, we’re introducing a new fee structure that space owners will most certainly love. The team is excited to announce that the transaction fee for Storefront space owners will be further reduced to 0%. That’s right – listing and renting out space on the Storefront marketplace is now free of charge for space owners.

Now you can run all bookings, events and pop-up shops, through Storefront without paying a dime. That means you can take advantage of Storefront in two big ways:

1 – Utilize your Storefront dashboard to manage and organize all of your space rentals at no cost.

2 – Pay nothing to get all the Storefront benefits, including exposure, free insurance and customer support.

For our beloved community of artists, designers and brands, the transaction fee for rentals will revert back to 10% of the booking price. When using a credit card, renters will also pay a 2.9% credit card processing fee.

Storefront is the largest marketplace of retail space available for short-term rental, and we continue to delight our brands with top notch customer service and an easy-to-use platform. As always, it’s still free for anyone to create an account, browse listings, and submit booking requests. If you’d like to learn more about Storefront service fees or see if we can answer any other lingering questions, pop over to our Help Center.


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How color can drive sales at your pop-up


The emotional reaction to color can’t be undermined when planning a pop-up shop. The colors you choose to represent your brand will affect the perception of your customers and can help drive foot-traffic and sales. Consider the image your brand is trying to portray: Warm colors such as red, orange and yellow offer a friendly and welcoming tone. Black and blue send a more authoritative, sophisticated message.

Before you open shop, create a physical or digital sketch of your vision for the space. Utilize the colors that represent your brand and determine if your pop-up layout effectively serves its purpose. You’ll want to incorporate the 60-30-10 rule, in which the colors of a room are divided as 60% dominant color, 30% secondary color, and 10% accent color. Share these sketches with friends and take note of their initial emotional reactions.

If you are popping into an existing gallery or boutique, you’ll want to distinguish your packaging to stand out among the clutter. Think back to the freezer section of a supermarket, where Kellogg’s Eggo waffles stand as a wall of yellow boxes. Pillsbury switched to a strong blue for its frozen breakfast pastries to draw in the eyes of consumers. When your customers are ready to purchase,  make sure your bags and boxes incorporate your name, logo, and a consistent color scheme.

Pop-ups are a chance for you to exercise your creativity and bring your brand to life. Find a space to open your pop-up today on Storefront.

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Designer Nora Gardner Opens Pop-Up Shop Doors to Help Women Invest in Themselves

Guest Post for Storefront by Melissa Gonzalez


Nora Gardner, an up and coming designer who helps businesswomen dress to impress, has just opened the doors of her September Pop-Up Shop at RSPOP at the Roger Smith Hotel.

Driven to help women take their look up a notch in the work place, designer Nora Gardner left the corporate world just under two years ago to self-fund and launch her own clothing company. With a dedication to providing women with attire to help them feel confident, comfortable, professional and attractive, Nora Gardner Apparel was born.

This fall, Nora has brought her elegant and timeless designs to midtown Manhattan where women can try on an on-trend selection of powerful colors and silhouettes. Dresses and separates that work all year round, each keeping the woman-on-the-go in mind, with most dresses having sleeves and pockets, so you can stash your blackberry somewhere during lunch, and you don’t have to throw on a blazer every time you get up from your desk. Nora encourages women to invest in their work wardrobe and to understand the importance of a consistently professional appearance.


Here’s a little Q&A with Nora:

Melissa: Why did you leave Morgan Stanley to launch your own brand:

Nora: I always had problems finding the perfect clothing for work. I felt that there was such a huge opportunity here that if I didn’t act now I would always regret it.

Melissa: How you are growing organically:

Nora: My styles, fit, and fabric develop based on direct feedback from my clients – who were originally my peers. Implementing this feedback right away helps me deliver a better product and increases my sales. Since I produce locally, I have a lot of control over my product and I have the ability to adapt quickly. All of my revenue goes right back into the company to fuel more product development and production. My most effective PR has been word of mouth – since so many women are looking for classic, basic pieces for work. Most of the people who come in the door are referred by friends or have asked other women where they purchased the dress they are wearing.

Melissa: What is your current longer term growth strategy and how you see a pop-up helping:

Nora: This pop-up helps get the word out and gets me right in front of my clients: working women with busy lives and little time to shop. I am right here on their commute to work and across from their lunch truck. You can’t miss me. One day I do hope to have a flagship store in Manhattan so this is a good test-run.

The Quick Pop-Up 411

What: Nora Gardner Apparel Pop-Up

When: September 3rd – September 29th

Where: RSPOP at the Roger Smith Hotel, 501 Lexington Ave. (b/w 47th and lex)

Hours: 10am-7pm Mon-Fri, 11am-6pm Sat. Closed Sundays Dress

*Parties: Every Thursday Night from 6-9pm Champagne and refreshments will be served and they will be raffling off a $100 gift card each night.


Follow Nora Gardner at @noragardnerapparel #popupshop and RSVP to the “Power Dress Party”.

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This Week’s Pop-Up Shops: Storefront Roundup September 12 – September 18

Weekly Roundup Banner (1)

This week’s roundup fills you in on the pop-up events you’ll love in your city. Avoid the always inevitable FOMO and head over to these beautiful spaces for a mix of enjoyable and inspiring experiences.

San Francisco

City Girl SF and ForeverSprung pop up at Comedy Day!
This Sunday, one of the Bay Area’s most highly anticipated comedy events pops up in Golden Gate Park. ForeverSprung will be serving up delicious Vietnamese Treats and City Girl SF will be selling their beloved San Francisco designs. Come and have a free laugh at Sharon Meadow for Comedy Day.
When: September 14th
Where: Sharon Meadow, 320 Bowling Green Drive, San Francisco

Seacret beautifies at Incline Gallery
The skincare experts at Seacret are hosting this spa party to share a delightful new product line. Change up your weekend routine and treat yourself to some free beauty samples.
When: September 13th – September 14th
Where: 766 Valencia Street, San Francisco

Cozymeal serves up dinner at Foundation Cafe
Calling all SF foodies! You won’t want to miss next week’s pair of gourmet offerings from the professional chefs at Cozymeal.
When: September 17th – September 18th
Where: 335 Kearny Street, San Francisco

Los Angeles

Rats Photography and Essence Floral Designs host booths at the Arts District Flea
From intricate floral arrangements to historic combat photography, this weekend’s Arts District Flea continues to impress with an eclectic mix of vendors. Head Downtown for this weekly retail treasure.
When: September 12th – September 14th
Where: 453 Colyton Street, Los Angeles

New York

Et Tu Tutu plays dress-up at The Market NYC
Do your kids love to play dress-up? Give them a chance to express their creativity next week with fully customized Tutus at The Market NYC!
When: September 18th – September 20th
Where: 159 Bleecker Street, New York

Retail Action Project gathers at Rebelution Ink
Join the leaders at Retail Action Project (RAP) to show your support for increased workplace standards in the retail industry. Great community effort for an excellent cause.
When: September 18th
Where: 560 Grand Street, Brooklyn

Richards-NYC shows off new designs with KXL Design Group
There’s nothing like a trunk show to discover the hottest trends. Come see the collection from Richards-NYC this Sunday and find your new staples.
When: September 14th
Where: 103 Allen Street, New York


Trumaker brings custom knits to Firecat Projects
A custom-fitting shirt that doesn’t break the bank is hard to come by. Start your new go-to shirt collection at tomorrow’s Trumaker extravaganza.
When: September 13th
Where: 2124 North Damen Avenue, Chicago

Passport by Shontay Pinder pops into Comfort Me
Emerging Chicago designer Shontay Pinder is known for the quality and sustainability of her female apparel. See what all the buzz is about in the Comfort Me boutique, today only!
When: September 12th
Where: 5241 South Harper Avenue, Chicago

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Storefront Takes the Big Apple: NYFW SS15

The team painting Lincoln Center Storefront Red with totes and balloons.

The team painting Lincoln Center Storefront Red with totes and balloons.

The Storefront marketplace exists to help emerging and established designers find perfect short-term retail spaces. There’s no better place to convene and meet the faces behind these brands than at New York Fashion Week, where Storefront took to Lincoln Center with radiant red “Pop In” bags and balloons. Green Wagon Foods and Vanity Sweets provided treats for editors on the run, while Black Madam Jewelry and Motley Collections decked out models-to-be in handmade jewelry.

Our company’s success is only as great as the success of the brands we work with, so Storefront hosted the “Fashion That Pops” event to reinforce our commitment to the most creative people in the world. While the champagne never stopped flowing, what made this September showcase a success were the bloggers, industry professionals, brands, and supporters that gathered at RePopRoom. The vibe was overwhelmingly positive, as the congregation of fashion lovers broke bread and shared the secrets behind their businesses.

Sarah and Michelle from enjoying brunch by chef Jordan Andino.

Sarah and Michelle from enjoying brunch by chef Jordan Andino.

The event empowered participating brands by connecting them with press, partners, buyers and trendsetters. We heard Miki (Thinx) and Shaun (Souda) speak about socially conscious design, and perused high fashion from Vincetta and Ilana Kohn. Marrin Costello introduced her new “Get Stoned” jewelry collection to the enthusiastic audience and sold multiple pieces. Social media engagement has been burning up the blogosphere.

A special thanks to all who joined us in New York for Fashion week! To those who didn’t make it this season, be sure to join the conversation on Twitter and Instagram @Storefront.

Eku Edewor, Host of Nigeria’s Pepsi Top Ten Countdown and the new Face of Estee Lauder Africa, posing in Vincetta.

Eku Edewor, Host of Nigeria’s Pepsi Top Ten Countdown and the new Face of Estee Lauder Africa, modeling Vincetta.

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From the windows to the walls: How to effectively display your products

Amidst the popularity of online and mobile shopping, offline retail remains dominant as the most popular channel for consumers. The Wall Street Journal says that 89% of last year’s sales in the clothing industry were made in brick-and-mortar stores, and similar numbers exist for consumer electronics and furniture. In turn, brands are investing time and energy to research and design before products are put out in stores. Read on to learn how you can best display your products in a pop-up shop.

Window Display

avoid clutter window

If your pop-up shop is in a high foot-traffic area, you’ll want to make sure your window display draws people into the store. As the invitation to come inside, a street-facing window must resonate with passersby and create a sense of curiosity or desire.

  • Avoid clutter: You don’t need to showcase your entire product line in the window display. Prioritize the most intriguing products to represent your brand, and leave enough space for customers to peek inside.
  • Showcase top sellers: The window is a perfect spot for your top seller or highly anticipated new product. Use complementary products to set the scene.
  • Use odd numbers: Odd-numbered arrangements are off balance and therefore keep the eye moving. It’s natural to design with symmetry, but an odd number of items in your window will actually be more attractive to consumers.

In-Store Display

indochino experience

No matter how beautiful the product, its in-store presentation is critical to driving sales. Compare this to a plate of food at a high-end restaurant: even the most delicious meal will have some sort of garnish to heighten its appeal to the eater.

  • Visit competitors: Observe your competitors’ stores to gain an understanding of the brand positioning and determine how your product might stand out in a similar environment. Take notes on what you think is successful and what misses the mark so you don’t repeat these mistakes.
  • Have a plan:  Draw out a rough plan for your display and determine what you’ll need to get it all set up.
  • Determine your messaging: Figure out your brand’s messaging and create an experience around it. Use an attention-getter like a new launch or a locally made item to promote your entire product line.
  • Create an experience: Your display can tell a story and show customers how they can use the items in their everyday lives. Use one item as the focal point, and surround it with complementary items to encourage incremental purchases.

These tips will help you prepare for a successful pop-up event, but you can also consider hiring professional help for your displays. We’ve compiled a list of recommended service providers to help you rent everything from fixtures to signage.

Follow us on Twitter for more pop-up strategies and start planning your next pop-up event!

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Creating a culture of collaboration: Kisha Johnson finds her match on Storefront

Kisha Johnson

Just across the Brooklyn Bridge, Kisha Johnson brings her ideas to life as a fine artist. Her exhibit, aptly named Visual Concepts, gives her audience a look into her inspirational abstract paintings.

Kisha wanted to showcase her artwork, and viewed Storefront as the easiest way to find a space. She had been a fan of Anthony KnowlesExtraordinary store for many years, and she coincidentally discovered his listing on the site. His unique merchandise complemented her art well, so the store was a particularly good fit.

Kisha and Anthony embody the collaborative community of artists and space owners that we’re fostering at Storefront. Anthony provided assistance in setting-up her pop-up, and Kisha’s exhibit drove traffic to Anthony’s 57th Street store. Kisha sold over $5,000 worth of her art, almost all of which came from people she hadn’t invited.

For more stories like Kisha’s, or to open a pop-up of your own, visit Storefront and follow us on Twitter @Storefront.

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Storefront Strategies: Getting the Right Permits

storefront strategies banner_final

Hosting a pop-up shop is your chance to build a loyal following for your brand. Some wine and cheese may be the perfect complement to your elegant displays, or perhaps you’ll only be selling food and drink. As a renter on Storefront, we want to make sure you have the permits you need to run a logistically- and legally-sound event.

The rules around serving alcohol vary by city. If it’s a private event and you have an attendee list, a license usually isn’t required. For public short-term retail events without an attendee list, temporary liquor licenses are required where alcoholic beverages will be served. Events that may require a temporary permit include catered events or temporary retail establishments set up at festivals or fairs.

Use these additional resources to help you prepare to serve alcohol at your event.

Food and Beverage
If your pop-up shop is centered around food or beverage items, you’ll need to complete the necessary permits to comply with city health and safety requirements. This is especially important if you plan to sell these items to the public or without a specified attendee list.

Read through these documents thoroughly to make sure your pop-up complies with local law, and see local government websites for more detailed information.

Using these permit resources should put you in the clear to serve alcohol and food at your event. If you have any other questions about how to pop up, visit our FAQ page or chat with a live Storefront representative during business hours.

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This Week’s Pop-Up Shops: Storefront Roundup September 5 – September 11

weekly roundup

As Fashion Week continues in NYC, pop-ups are sprouting up across the country for unique and ephemeral retail experiences. If you’re in New York, San Francisco, or Los Angeles, you’ll want to stop by this week’s open Storefronts for an eclectic mix of style, food, and culture.

New York

Sennheiser in Nolita
The sound masters at Sennheiser are launching a new headphone to debut to the NYC market. If your friends consider you a music tastemaker, you’ll want to make your way down to Lower Manhattan for a convergence of art, culture, and pristine sound.
When: September 9th – September 22nd
Where: 215 Bowery, New York

Stylaphile at Basha Studio
Online blogazine Stylaphile is coming to NYC to promote its #MeasureMeBeautiful campaign. Be the first to see new designs from Mallorie Carrington of and enjoy this intimate fashion show.
When: September 5th from 7 – 9 pm
Where: 45 East 34th Street, New York

Speak Your Truth at The Daily Press
Coffee shops have long been a haven for creative gatherings. Join Speak Your Truth for its first photography show this Saturday, and come away with a new piece for your home.
When: September 6th, 6 PM – 9 PM
Where: 181 Havemeyer Street, Brooklyn

Girl Gamer Vogue at Rebelution Ink
15 NYC Artists are coming together for one night to celebrate the union of videogames and art. Amidst the music, drinks, games, and vibrant ambiance, vendors and talent will showcase their work to the video game community.
When: September 6th
Where: 560 Grand Street, Brooklyn

Project Sāra on the Lower East Side
Pop-up restaurants are sure to keep NYC foodies busy. If you’re on the Lower East Side Sunday night, change up your dinner plans with Project Sāra.
When: September 7th
Where: 115 Eldridge Street, New York

Diaja  at Basha Studio
This fashion show will showcase emerging designer Diaja and her chic, ready-to-wear outfits.  Start your week off with inspiration from this new collection and get ready to network with fashion professionals.
When: September 8th, 7 PM – 10 PM
Where: 45 East 34th Street, New York

San Francisco

Poppy Cove and Sincerely Glamour popping into Berkeley Plaza
This luxury boutique in Berkeley will have two great brands popping in this weekend. Poppy Cove is debuting its new fashion and accessories, while Sincerely Glamour will show off its line of shimmering jewelry.
When: September 5th – September 7th
Where: 1920 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Berkeley

Alta Moda in the Mission
Alta Moda and Dia’s Jewels are teaming up on Saturday to give back to a cause they cherish. Dia’s Jewels was created to give back to victims of human trafficking, and a portion of all sales will benefit charitable Bay Area programs. Join these young entrepreneurs in the Mission as they raise awareness through fashion.
When: September 6th
Where: 650 Florida Street, San Francisco

Feastly pops up in Foundation Cafe
Head to Foundation Cafe in the heart of the Financial District for a one-of-a-kind dinner party from Feastly. From handmade classics to exotic street food fusion, Feastly brings people together with unique meals. Don’t miss out on Wednesday’s delicious meal with friends old and new.
When: September 10th at 5:30 PM
Where: 335 Kearny Street, San Francisco

Los Angeles

Jewelry, Photography, Flowers, and Apparel at this weekend’s Arts District Flea
The Arts District Flea is making a name in LA as the city’s premier weekend market. This week’s event features freelance jeweler Carolyn Park, Army photographer Gary Jordan, artist/florist Miriam Chankin, and LA-based apparel brand Soul Rx. If you love buying local, you won’t want to skip this Downtown LA staple.
When: September 5th – September 7th
Where: 453 Colyton Street, Los Angeles

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