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LA Launch Party Booth Winners Announced

Hey sunny Los Angeles, we’ve officially announced the winners of the free booths at our LA launch party!

With fun D.I.Y stations (flower garlands, anyone?), fashion trucks and scrumptious street food, this launch party will be the ultimate LA hot spot (thanks to our amazing vendors)! We originally planned to choose just 8 booth winners, but since there were so many incredible applicants, we couldn’t decide on just 8.  So instead, we nearly doubled our booth winners to 14 exceptional LA vendors for our launch party next week!

Curious to see who they are? Here’s a quick summary on each:

Paper Fox LA

Lauren and Jess just love parties. It’s really as simple as that. When Lauren was a kid, she spent all year thinking and planning her own birthday party. The colors, theme, cake and party favors. Lauren Jessica in 2007, and  threw their first party together: Thanksmas. It’s been an on-going tradition ever since; as they spend months planning and designing unique decorations. Their friends all gather together on one day between Thanksgiving and Christmas, where they all share their families favorite dish, play silly dancing games, and party all night long. But one event a year wasn’t enough for Lauren and Jess; beyond new years parties, birthday parties, engagement parties, and what have you, they started creating up new events, like the “Lemon Party”. Their decor got bigger and better every time. Eventually their friends started to say “you know, you could make a business out of this!” They’d laugh and say, “yeah, one day!” and here they are.


Susu Handbags

Founded in 2008 by Shanghai designer Susu Zheng, Susu was developed for the modern professional woman who desires functional yet classically designed handbags at attainable prices. After graduating from one of China’s top design schools where she participated in a collaborative program with New York’s prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology, Susu began her own line of handbags and quickly established herself as one of Shanghai’s rising young designers. Today, Susu Handbags enjoys great popularity in China and entered the American market in 2013.


Melissa Velia

Melissa Velia a Los Angeles native, grew up designing and sewing her Barbie dolls new wardrobes by the age of 7. Her mother taught to her to sew by hand, so after that she began her life-long passion for fashion and the industry. Coming from humble beginnings, Melissa work while she attended college for fashion, which she found a waste of time considering she already had plenty of skills and experience.  It was during that time, she dropped out of college and began her career in the fashion industry by landing a position with BCBG in one of their corporate showrooms. Later, Melissa went on to work for several well-known brands and eventually designed for an LA-based clothing company, where her designs were worn by celebrities such as Tyra Banks, Hilary Duff and FaithEvans.


Mokuyobi Threads

Mokuyobi Threads is an out of this world company which designs bags, clothing, accessories, and general radness for the super-beings of Earth and beyond.  Mokuyobi or 木曜日 (もくようび) means Thursday in Japanese, and it believes that there is always something to look forward to on this day. Whether it’s a rad friend‘s party, vacation time, or a hot date, Thursday always sparks that excitement. Mokuyobi Threads guarantees high quality construction and durability in their products to make sure their items will last as long as possible.  


Six Twenty

It’s a constant struggle to find luxury basics without going through racks and racks at the department store and paying $100 for a designer top. With a passion for both business and design, I wanted to solve this issue. So Angeli cut through the clutter and founded Six Twenty. By circumventing traditional retail channels and working hand-in-hand with the same suppliers and manufacturers who supply to high-end designers, Six Twenty brings unparalleled value to the market with luxury fabrics, exclusive designs, and a high-end customer experience, at a fraction of the price. They meticulously crafted our first Classix Collection to include the most versatile tees and tanks. The Six Twenty aesthetic is inspired by the laid back California lifestyle and represents a strong, elegant, and classic woman. I hope you enjoy the collections as much as we enjoyed creating them.


Love Junkee

Inspired by her friend’s boutique, Papers & Peonies. Elaine watched her friend curate and market items from her shop and market them in new and creative ways. Elaine was working a full-time office job in entertainment marketing at the time, and even though she spent mhery entire college life and  summers building a resume to land her“dream job”, she couldn’t shake off the urge to explore a more creative side of herself. 

This, combined with her love for pop culture, magazines and fashion is what pushed her to take a leap of faith. Elaine quit her job of 2 years, and with the help of her boyfriend, started Love Junkee in April 2013. She is inspired all the time by culture and images that she sees on social media, and try to curates her items based on lifestyles and people who inspire her (and in turn, inspire her customers). The online fashion business can get very competitive, but Elaine doesn’t just by any old item seen in stores. As the owner and buyer of Love Junkee, Elaine love clothes which tell a story but are also wearable in everyday life.


Danielle the Dressmaker

Danielle a self taught designer with the desire to create outside of the box using recycled materials and ideas inspired by nature, fabrics, and my clients. She has been designing now for 5 years for women all over the world. She loves to put  romance in her designs, with one of a kind pieces which set Danielle’s designs apart from the rest. Danielle started designing in San Francisco, but recently relocated to pursue her passions down in sunny Southern California.


Third Palace 

Lillian started with a family of creatives with her dad being a photographer, and mom a seamstress. After graduating from the Hollywood Art Institute in 2008, Lilian got and knack for what people want, and has an ever-growing list of clientele all over Los Angeles. Lillian’s handmade clothing has been featured on Etsy, and has been selling her creations in boutique clothing shops all around the Hollywood area.  


Comprised of street artists, artists and designers that are from LA, NYC and PA, RBTiQs is diverse in its story.RBTiQs, otherwise known as Robotiques, is a boutique street culture brand which sells premium quality apparel, ranging from tees and hoodies to hats and select accessories. Alternative to brands that try to “glitz and glam” by using “pretty” models which they “dirty” up; RBTiQs provides realistic images using everyday people. This marketing approach is designed to build a unique social awareness and attempts to inject social responsibility into popular culture. When people see the RBTiQs Logo they know they are buying a quality product that has been crafted to make a contribution to society. From one of a kind production artwork, to limited production skate decks and collaborative tees, RBTiQs is at the forefront of street culture with robot AS the PULSE.

rbtiqsBig Spoon Tex

Big Spoon Tex came upon after a road trip from L. A. to Texas.  As soon as Jessica crossed the state line into El Paso and immediately wanted to hug Texas.  She was so happy to be back in her state, and so the “If Texas were a person I’d hug it!” product was inspired.  Jessica constantly thought:  if Texas were a person, what else would it do and how would it interact?  The ideas floated in her head for 7 years and finally it was time to do something about it.  Big Spoon Tex has always lived in Jessica’s heart, and now she’s able to share it with you lovely folks.



GEMELLI is an international brand founded in 1998 to dress the modern, jet setting business traveler. Headquartered on world renowned Robertson Boulevard in Beverly Hills, and are best known for their dress shirts and signature “Gemelli Fit,” incorporating a streamlined measuring system and great attention to detail. Gemelli uses exquisite thread to ensure that the quality of products are reflected on everyone who wears it. The cotton comes from fine mills in Italy, where years of research and advanced in technology allow the conversion of raw materials to some of the most luxurious cotton that is available. This spirit sought to capture is expressed through combining iconic pieces with the design of the products.



J.D. Luxe Fashion 

With mobile retail trending, Jordana Fortaleza and Tyler Kenney two of the first pioneers in this innovative industry! These two young pioneers have turned J.D. to Los Angeles’s Premiere Mobile Boutique and the go-to spot for shopping. Aspiring to launch their own lifestyle brand, they came up with a fabulous idea to create a fashion house on wheels.


Le Fashion Truck

Le Fashion Truck is a mobile boutique – a store on wheels. Setting up shop in various locations throughout Los Angeles since January 2011, Le Fashion Truck features clothing and accessories by emerging designers for the woman on the go! Shop handmade jewelry, handbags, accessories and more aboard the pink truck. We even included the dressing room!


Style Saint

Style Saint is the next generation designer label, a company driven by the belief in making products that matter and pieces that last. By focusing on quality over quantity and designing timeless collections that are meant to be worn year-round, the brand stands firm in their belief that fashion should neither be fast, nor disposable! Style Saint is a young and passionate group of movers, makers and (rump)shakers.


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Snag a Booth at the Northside Festival, the SXSW of NYC

Widely acclaimed as the SXSW of the East coast, Northside Festival is the mecca for Brooklyn talent.  Every year this music, film and innovation discovery festival hosts a Pop Up Shop Village where thousands of cutting-edge exhibitors and brands sell directly to their target market. Last year Northside had nearly 100,000 attendees!

This year Northside is expecting even more attendees as Storefront is partnering up with them to give you a fully customizable 400 square foot space in MacCarren Park! With foot traffic from some of the most talented, stylish, and influential people in the country, this opportunity should be swooped on in a hot New York minute. Snatch a booth, grab some grubs, and listen to CHVRCHES while you’re at it!


12 copy.jpg




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Early Registration for 20th Street Block Party: Now Open

Last year, over 10,000 Bay Area residents from the neighborhood and beyond gathered on 20th street for a free music and food extravaganza! The event promotes and celebrates San Francisco’s indie culture, local businesses and exciting and delicious developments along this stretch of 20th Street and the Mission Creek community. Previously featured local indie heroes include: Two Gallants, Mac Demarco, Quinn Deveaux, and James & Evander!

With Storefront, you will receive priority on the vendor application this year to the 20th Street Block Party.

 20th Street Block Party

Noise Pop SF gets thousands of applicants a year, so take advantage of the priority application and reserve your spot before anyone else!

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Book a Pop-Up Table at the Brooklyn Bazaar this Weekend

If you’re an artist, designer, chef, or shop owner looking for a unique pop-up opportunity, snag a spot at the world renowned Brooklyn’s Night Bazaar today! This popular weekend shopping event gives some of most innovative vendors (like yourself) a chance to sell clothing, accessories, beauty product, home goods, packaged and cooked food, vintage goods and local rarities only found in Brooklyn. 


Time Out Magazine acclaims the Brooklyn Bazaar as the shopping alternative to the world-renowned Fifth Avenue, as the bazaar attracts both shoppers and innovative vendors from around the globe.


If you’re interested in the entire Brooklyn Bazaar venue, it is available for large events. This 20k sq. foot space is fully equipped with a stage, sound and lighting system, bars, black light miniature golf course, ping pong room and seasonally heated beer garden. If that doesn’t sound awesome, we don’t know what does! Host a party, wedding, trade show, or even snag this venue for a fashion show for NY Fashion Week.


So go ahead and introduce your product line and engage with your customers. Make sure to book a table at the Brooklyn Bazaar today.

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H+M Loves Music: H+M’s First Interactive Pop-Up Tour

H+M is no stranger to giving its audience an omni-channel retail experience. The brand has created music, user-generated social media content, films, interviews on Youtube, and contests to promote to their target market (and have succeeded in it).

Most of the company’s interactive efforts have been online, but shoppers today want to interact with their favorite retailers outside of the online space. So H+M kicked off its first interactive pop-up at Coachella Music & Arts Festival, in which they promoted their new line “H+M Loves Music” curated by select musicians and artists.


The interactive experience held at Coachella featured the new collection, free hair and makeup services, a virtual runway, and the opportunity to be seen in the filming of a new music video for one of the retailer’s affiliated artists: Kilo Kish. The brand also created a Tumblr page featuring some of its participants dancing on the virtual runway and created special gifs to put in the event’s Tumblr.

HM_4  HM_3  HM_5

H+M isn’t just stopping there. The brand is taking the offline experience even further by hosting a pop-up tour to 3 colleges across the country. The college stops will  include a clothing swap for students to bring in used garments and receive new ones from H+M. They will also include a DIY station which will allow students to then customize their new garments.

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Storefront Co-Founder Speaking at NextSpace San Francisco

Tristan Pollock, co-founder & CEO of Storefront will be speaking at Nextspace at the Co-Spaces in the Sharing Economy panel. Come join us for the panel featuring some of the top movers and shakers in the co-space business! Details of the event are below.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. at  NextSpace Union Square 1 Hallidie Plaza, San Francisco, CA.


Tristan Pollock, Co-Founder & CEO of Storefront

Jeremiah Owyang, Founder of Crowd Companies

Michelle Regner Founder of Near Me / Desks Near Me

Jeremy Neuner, Founder of NextSpace Coworking, Author of The Rise of the Naked Economy

Ben Provan, Partner of Open Door

Morgan Fitzgibbons, Co-founder of [freespace]


Chelsea Rustrum, It’s a Shareable Life


What can we do with empty, unused desks, retail spaces, warehouses, public buildings, homes, bedrooms, classrooms, kitchens, event halls and backyards? They can be used for all different purposes – from community building to creating new companies, to opening up a pop-up shop or hosting an event.  Business owners now have a chance to open temporarily and test out new markets.  Individuals and groups can now access what was previously owned, private, locked and/or cost-prohibitive. This speaker panel will include sharing economy leaders in the areas of retail, civic, enterprise, live, and workspace, generating a lively discussion on how opening these spaces is changing the way we do business and relate to one another.

Join us tomorrow night to hear Tristan Pollock talk about what co-spaces mean to us today in pop-ups and retail!

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This Month Only: $50 Off Your First Storefront Rental


The sun is finally out, air is cool and crisp, and flowers are blooming on every corner. What better way to put a spring in your step by celebrating with a special discount on that space you’ve been eyeing?  While your customers are out and about shopping, bring your business to them by booking up a spot with tons foot traffic (and near that ice cream shop. Just because).

We’re here to help your business blossom by giving you $50 off your first booking for the rest of this month!


Here are some spaces which are nearly half off in SF, NY, and LA:

San Francisco
Five & Diamond


New York City
Pop Co-Op


Los Angeles
Echo Park Cafe Retail Space


To get the offer, all you have to do is:

1). Send a request to your favorite venue
2). Finish your booking
3). Email [email protected] with “April Showers Bring May Flowers” in your subject line.

Remember, this special discount is only until May 1st (12:00 am PST) so make sure to book a space before the end of April to get $50 off your first booking.

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How Hosting In-Store Events Attracts Loyal Customers

Finding unique ways to attract new customers to your offline business can be a challenge, leading many small businesses to use traditional marketing tactics to raise awareness of a retail space. We share some insight from a local aftcra artist, Rachael Brooke Winkley of Salvaged Studio & Gallery, who has used alternative marketing methods to develop a loyal following within the local community.

Rachael launched Salvaged Studio & Gallery in April of 2013 to sell both her up-cycled creations as well as promote other local artists. The mission of her organization is to create unique cultural experiences in the Milwaukee area, and make her gallery the location to host them. As Rachael prepares to celebrate the first anniversary of Salvaged Studio’s opening, she reflects on the key driver to raise awareness of her shop within the community that also coincided with her company’s mission: hosting, and participating in, local special events.


Launching Strategically every spring, local businesses in Milwaukee’s West Vliet Street area partner together for the “Westside Artwalk”; a highly anticipated neighborhood event promoting local artists. Rachael planned Salvaged Studio & Gallery’s grand opening the weekend of the “Westside Artwalk”.

By strategically planning her launch event, Rachael not only gained exposure to local community members that were not aware of her shop, but also individuals who came from out of town for the event. Residents of the community were  enthused to see a formerly vacant building revitalized by a fresh, local business featuring creative artwork. As a new shop owner, Rachael couldn’t have asked for better local – and free – publicity. Hosting Niche Events Salvaged Studio features Rachael’s up-cycled creations and work of several local artists who use reclaimed or unconventional materials. Knowing that this is a niche space, Rachael planned out Featured Artist Shows during the summer and fall, which highlighted artwork specific to her niche. Each “Featured Artist Show” lasted for two months, with an introductory artist reception to launch the exhibit.


Rachael’s most successful Featured Artist Show was Exploded Library: Book Sculptures of Betsy Birkey, which featured Betsy Birkey’s folded page book sculptures. The promotion of Betsy Birkey’s event gained local media attention and praise, which benefited both Rachael’s Studio and Betsy Birkey’s artwork. Partnering with Other Local Organizations Rachael wanted to develop an event specific to the art of making, so she partnered with two other local art studios to host a two-day event coinciding with “American Craft Week”, a national event which celebrates the work of fine crafts made in America. The weekend was a huge success featuring open studio tours, demonstrations from guest artists, and an outdoor screening of “Craft in America”, a series on PBS. By hosting this event, Rachael created an annual function that local residents will look forward to attending, as well as gaining interest from other local shops for sponsorship and vendor opportunities. Events similar to this solidify her commitment to the neighborhood and it’s future growth and vitality. Special events not only help raise awareness of an offline store, but they assist other marketing strategies for your organization.


Rachael regularly collects email addresses from new shoppers and browsers. This way Rachael can continuously keep her fans engaged, whether it be shop specials (both online and offline), upcoming sponsored events, or local social gatherings (which Salvaged Studio is a participant). You can see more of Rachael’s work, and learn more about her studio, at the links below.

Salvaged Studio & Gallery aftcra shopSalvaged Studio WebsiteFacebook 

Erica Riegelman is the co-founder and president of aftcra
aftcra is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell handmade goods made in America.

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Win a Free Booth at the Storefront LA Launch Party!

Have you heard yet?

We’re launching in LA!  

watch as Drake effortlessly pops champagne at this party.

We’re calling our favorite LA makers to our launch party marketplace at the Unique Space in downtown Los Angeles and giving one lucky maker a chance to win a free booth! All you have to do is complete your profile page to 80% on the site and upload three photos of your product.  Wanna double your chance of winning? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and share images of your setup (previous trade shows, pop-ups).


You’ve got 3 more days to get a chance to win a spot amongst some of the best LA brands. Only 8 winners will be selected.

We’re announcing the winner on Monday April 21st!

Go, get your booth on!

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3 Ways Retailers Can Kick Heartbleed to the Curb


Ahhh, Heartbleed.

Or rather, AAAGGGHH Heartbleed! This security breach has everyone frantically leaping to their computers and changing their passwords to all of their social media sites. It’s on the headline of every major news site, and has caused major retailers to panic.

But what is it exactly?

The Heartbleed bug is a flaw in the OpenSSL method of data encryption used by some of the world’s top websites (*cough* Google, Facebook). The bug was accidentally dropped into code by a programmer (brogrammer) two years ago, and now that a few security breaches have been leaked, major companies are starting to freak out.

So why is everyone running around like headless chickens? It’s because the bug allows hackers to send heartbeat messages which can trick a site’s server to bounce back sensitive information (i.e. usernames, passwords, credit card data) that is stored in its RAM.  As a retailer, you must take extra caution toward this, as you are a major target for these hackers.

Uh-oh. So now what?

No need to panic. We’ve got three ways you can do kick Heartbleed to the curb before it gets your business into trouble:


1). Update and Revoke. If you’re using OpenSSL (your IT department should know) simply upgrade to the newest version with the patch and revoke old encryption keys. You will then get new encryption keys. If you don’t do this, hackers will still have your encryption key and can decrypt your traffic. Go through your vendor who will issue you new keys. Once that’s done your users can change their passwords.

2). Change Your Passwords.

CNN suggests to change the following:

  • Airbnb
  • Google, YouTube and Gmail
  • Facebook, Instagram
  • Netflix
  • OKCupid
  • Pinterest
  • Wikipedia
  • Yahoo, Yahoo Mail, Tumblr, Flickr


Why would these matter to retailers? Well, because we tend to use the same password for everything. If we have the same password for Netflix, Gmail, Facebook and our retail site we are in big trouble. Once that password is obtained, there’s no going back.

3). Tell Your Customers to Change Their Passwords.

You should always be forthright with your customers about important information. If your company is vulnerable to an attack, let them know right away. That should be the first thing on your list of things to do. As a retailer, you should know. Customers are always first.

Now your AAGGHHs can turn into ahhs as you can revoke old encryption keys, change passwords and update customers to kicking Heartbleed to the curb. Bruce Lee style.



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