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What is Shoppertainment?

Whether or not you’ve heard of this makeshift word, Shoppertainment is something we’re sure you value as a shopper. On a basic level, shoppertainment is simply a retail tactic to engage customers through an entertaining in-store shopping experience. Shoppertainment involves fun, interactive elements to allow shoppers to be hands-on with the products, and it makes a much more lasting impression on a customer.

Consumers have hundreds of choices to make every day. They constantly make decisions between various brands competing to sell them similar products. In a retail world flooded with choices, your job as a brand is to make sure you capture a consumer’s attention. Shoppertainment is a great tool to convince a customer to choose you and continuously keep them interested.

Why Should I Use Shoppertainment in my Next Pop-Up?

Beyond being an excellent way to engage a shopper, shoppertainment generates stories. Exciting shoppertainment events often attract the attention of press, who are always looking to cover the new and creative ways brands interact with their customers. Shoppertainment also generates stories by creating brand advocates. By giving back to your customers through fun experiences, you’re more likely to gain continuous support from advocates and their friends. Essentially, shoppertainment can help distinguish your brand from the rest, spread the word, and build customer loyalty.

As a company all about reinventing and redefining retail, we’re pretty excited about the shoppertainment trends we’ve been seeing around lately. Here are some of the coolest forms of shoppertainement we’ve seen so far this year:

Selfridge’s Fragrance Lab: An In-Store Personalized Scent Developer

Earlier this year, Selfridge’s introduced their very own pop-up Fragrance Lab into their flagship store. Created with trend forecaster The Future Laboratory, the Fragrance Lab was a fully immersive shopping experience that created custom scents based on personality. The Lab led each customer through a series of exciting tests, allowing them to sell not just their perfume but also an experience.


Samsung CenterStage: An Interactive Appliance Shopping Experience

Samsung partnered up with digital creative agency The Barbarian Group to try and make appliance shopping a little more enjoyable. The product of this was CenterStage, an interactive display that allows you to browse life-sized appliances and their functions on an 85-inch display.


Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop: NY Fashion Week Pop-Up with Social Media as Currency

This February, the Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop popped up for three days in Manhattan with a unique business model – the shop would not accept money as currency. Instead, social media interactions became currency as guests exchanged tweets, Instagram photos, and Facebook posts with the hashtag #MJDaisyChain for Marc Jacobs-branded gifts.


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Rent Creative Community Space in Trendy Williamsburg

Makeshift Society Williamsburg

During the week, this Makeshift Society Clubhouse functions as a co-working workspace in the hippest of Brooklyn neighborhoods. This gorgeous space was once a pencil factory, and has since been transformed into a vibrant communal space for makers and businesses in Brooklyn to come together and create. Makeshift Society provides not only a space to work, but a tight-knit creative community. To continue furthering the reach of this community, Makeshift Society is now seeking Storefront users to rent out their space on weekday evenings and weekends.

For $2,000 per day, 1800 square feet of this stylish space will be at your disposal for your next networking event, pop-up shop, or company meeting. Companies like Design*Sponge are using this space to host Social Media workshops, designers like Tuesday Bassen are offering portfolio review sessions in the space, and your pop-up or event could be next.

Makeshift Society Williamsburg

Makeshift Society Williamsburg

The space also features floor-to-ceiling windows facing Hope Street, tons of natural light, and 17 foot ceilings. Makeshift Society’s modern space is available for rent on weekdays from 7-10 PM and on weekends from 9 AM – 10 PM. Learn more about how to use this Storefront space here

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Sell Your Products in the San Francisco Museum of Craft and Design

Since opening in 2004, the Museum of Craft and Design has continuously brought exciting exhibitions and interactive programs to the San Francisco community. Their mission is to engage the art community and provide an environment for visitors to experience innovative contemporary work that inspires creativity in all. As a part of this mission, the Museum is excited to offer a small space in their Museum Store to host rotating pop-ups.

This is a great way for any design-forward brand to gain access to an artistic crowd alongside the incredible Museum Store merchandise. For $50 a day, your products could earn a spot on display shelves in the San Francisco Museum of Craft and Design—and with this shelf space, you’ll also earn face-to-face time with your customers and free promotion for your pop-up to the thousands of dedicated followers on the Museum’s social media networks.

Book Now >

Museum of Craft and Design SF

Museum of Craft and Design SF Store

Museum of Craft and Design SF Store

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How to Create Brand Advocates After Your Event

Whether it was a small meet-up or a grandiose launch event, you’ve successfully finished your event and have built brand new relationships with fresh faces. Now what? Next step is to follow up. It’s crucial to get back in touch with these folks and continue the conviviality for the success of your brand, and there are several reasons why.

Customer advocates are what drive your brand forward. When they love your brand, they will Tweet, Instagram, Facebook, email, and tell all of their friends about your company in person for you. Your work is set out for you. Brand advocates market your product for free! Wanna know how to do it?

Here are five ways to build brand advocates after your event:

1. Leverage the Hashtag. If you created a hashtag for your event (which we strongly recommend you do), make sure you “like” every Facebook, Twitter and Instagram post with that hashtag. People appreciate it when companies engage with their posts, especially when you like their pictures on Instagram. This is a great leeway for them them to like or follow your brand pages afterward.


Image Source: Mashable

2. Send a Thank You Follow-Up Email
. When your guests arrive at your event, they will be signing in with their email. Make sure to collect those emails and thank them for attending your event. Not only does this show your appreciation for their arrival, but it also shows them that you care about their presence. At the end of the email, include a “keep in touch” sentence including your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and email newsletter sign-up option.

3. Find a way to collaborate. Get creative and build partnerships with these guests. They might not exactly be in the same space as you, but if you’re selling apparel and they’re selling incredible home-made macaroons, then you can have them sell at your next event. Find a way to get back in touch and work together. When you host an event with these advocates they support you in any way they can.


Image Source: talentcove

4. Send Over Professional Photographs.
People love checking back on pictures of themselves. If you have your brand logo attached to these pictures, it’s the perfect way for them to post these images of themselves as their new Facebook profile picture. Let them know that their pictures will be up in a Facebook album, and that they can like your page to see when they will be posted.

5.  Reward your advocates. Notice someone tweet, Facebook and Instagram your brand consistently at your event? Send them something for free as a thank you! A little treat in their mail goes a long way when someone has already decided they love promoting your brand. They’ll most likely share your token of appreciation and might even share it with their followers.

thank you gift

Image Source: JuliAnnArt Etsy

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Luxury Brand Fendi Opens a Pop-Up Shop in SoHo

New York City is filled with neighborhoods we’d describe as fashion-forward, but we’re pretty sure SoHo takes the cake. SoHo is filled with charming boutiques, endless shopping options, and some of the most cutting-edge luxury brands. So when luxury Italian fashion house Fendi introduced a new shopping experience to New York, Soho was the natural way to go.

The Fendi pop-up shop, dubbed #fendisoho, is now open to the public and will be housed on Greene Street for the next six months. Taking up residence alongside high-end permanent stores like Dior, HUGO BOSS, and Proenza Schouler, the pop-up will bring a fresh new perspective to the neighborhood by switching up the theme of their shop every month. For July, the shop will showcase Fendi’s Petites, only to be replaced in later months by themes like menswear and “Fun Fur”.

Fendi SoHo Pop-Up Shop NYC

The shop also features colorful claw vending machines full of Fendi’s most coveted accessories for you to channel your inner kid in a grown-up way. While the majority of the shop is covered in sophisticated leather and velvet, the walls are adorned with playful hashtag signs and fun arcade-themed decor. This makes for a luxurious but youthful vibe, which seems to be exactly what Fendi was going for.

Fendi CEO Pietro Beccari says:

“This pop-up will contribute to a great and fresh energy to the brand and will offer the opportunity to reach a younger and cool clientele that will be welcomed in a unique and surprising environment.”

Luxury brands like Fendi often stick to traditional realms, but this time the brand used a pop-up to step out of its comfort zone and target a younger clientele. #fendisoho demonstrates how temporary retail spaces can give brands the freedom to test a new market—allowing them to stand out even in a neighborhood as trendy and bustling as SoHo.

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Anastasia and Satori Breónn are Popping Up in Chicago

With our recent launch in the windy city, we wasted no time to help power the first pop-up shop in Chicago via Storefront! Two of the city’s well-known fashion and jewelry boutiques are opening up for two weekends in the Loop!

Trained under both Anna Sui and Betsey Johnson, Anastasia Chatzka’s feminine and whimsical boutique Anastasia will be showing off its signature custom prints edgy-fantasy designs in the highly foot-trafficked Chicago Loop.

Celebrity-favorite jewelry brand Satori Breónn will also be showcased in the same store! Both brands will be housed in the modern shopping and dining destination Block37.

Looking to shop at both trendy boutiques this weekend? Make sure to stop by and check out the first pop-up powered by Storefront in Chicago!

Anastasia Chatzka pop-up shop Chicago Illinoi

Image Source: Anastasia

Where: Block37, The Loop
Chicago, IL
When: July 18-20 and July 25-27, 2014

block37 The Loop Chicago

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5 Retail Tech Trends You Should Know About

We live in an age when technology is transforming our personal and professional lives—and even entire industries. And many of the newest technology trends have exciting applications for events and shopping experiences. Here’s a look at 5 tech trends and how they’re changing the face of retail:

1. Crowdsourced Photo Sharing
A picture is worth a thousand you-know-whats, but these days brands are more likely to measure photos by followers. Instagram and other visually focused social platforms have led to events and store displays designed to be photographed in ways that communicate a specific message. The challenge for some brands has been to collect these images, showcase them to interested parties, and encourage additional sharing. A set of new photo sharing apps are helping, collecting photos based on location, users, or hashtags. One is even specifically focused on retail: Olapic helps brands collect photos from their fans.

Crowdsourced Photo Sharing Olapic

Image Source: Fast Company

2. The Internet of Things
The Pew Research Internet Project gives this definition for the Internet of Things: “the array of devices, appliances, vehicles, wearable material, and sensor-laden parts of the environment that connect to each other and feed data back and forth.”The classic example of what that could mean in your daily life: A milk carton with a sensor, sitting in your “smart” refrigerator, might tell your smartphone/watch/glasses to flash a reminder to pick up a new carton when you’re near a store.

3. Wearable Technology
Those smart watches and glasses—along with armbands, rings, and bracelets—are part of the new wave of personal devices that are starting to incorporate the vast information-sharing capabilities of smartphones. Marketers can send messages to customers’ wearables based on their locations or other factors, and collect information about them as they walk through a store or large event.

tory burch fitbit wearable technology

Image Source: Racked National

4. R.F.I.D./N.F.C.
Radio frequency identification is a form of wireless communication that uses electromagnetic fields to transfer data. Near field communication is a form of R.F.I.D. used for very short distances—a few inches—between two devices or between a device and a tag. Most N.F.C. buzz has centered around cell phones and mobile payments (and privacy concerns). While further integration into popular products—including wearables—is likely to spur more uses, event planners have already been experimenting with N.F.C. chips in inexpensive badges and bracelets. They use them to improve ticketing and credentialing, and track where guests go through a large event.

5. Beacons
Beacons are low-cost, low-energy pieces of hardware that use Bluetooth connections to transmit pop-up messages to smartphones and tablets. The most widely known version of this technology is Apple’s iBeacon, which is built into its iOS7 mobile operating system. The technology has excited retailers, who can send messages to shoppers who have downloaded their apps. The transmitters are in several hundred stores and public areas, including Major League Baseball stadiums and Macy’s and American Eagle Outfitters stores. As shoppers enter pass by stores, they can receive messages about sales, new products, or other personally tailored bits of information.

iBeacon Beacon for retailers

Image Source: 9to5mac

Chad Kaydo is writer, editor, event consultant and founder of the X Letter. For more on these ideas, download The X Letter’s free trend report, “The Next Tech Trends for Live Events & Experiences.

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Storefront Chicago: Why We’re Launching in The Windy City

Lacuna Artist Lofts Reverie Gallery Chicago
Pictured above: Lacuna Artist Lofts – Reverie Gallery – Chicago available to rent on Storefront.

Today marks a new chapter in Storefront’s expansion, as Storefront is moving on over to the first city in the Midwest: Chicago! We’re celebrating with an official launch party tonight at the Reverie Gallery in the Lacuna Artist Lofts.

The Windy City has been on our radar for a while. From Lincoln Park to the Loop, and Wicker Park to River East, the vibrant creative communities in these neighborhoods are growing more than ever before.  With new fashion designers looking for spaces to host a showroom, artists looking for their next gallery venue, photographers looking for a studio for their next shoot, and Michelin-star chefs looking for the next buzzing foodie spot to open up a pop-up restaurant, brands big and small all over Chi-town are looking for spaces open up their next pop-up shop, event and party.

We’ve been getting strong interest from Chi-town on the site, folks on social media have been Tweeting and Facebook messaging asking us when we will be opening in this midwestern city. We’re excited to move to a city with a big shopping scene, and an even bigger heart. As you’ve eagerly waited for months, we’re now answering your call and finally adding this city amongst our other big players: SF, NY and LA!

We already have more than 150 listings in Chicago — another 150 listings in queue for our free professional photography – and we’re growing rapidly to make sure that we have more than enough retail spaces to supply our creative community. The most important part of expanding to Chicago? It’s to match amazing brands like you with amazing spaces.

Come join us at our launch party tonight to meet and greet the Storefront team and enjoy this POP-inspired event. Nine-hundred people have RSVP-ed in the last 72 hours, and our vendors in the Storefront Maker Showcase are ecstatic to meet you. RSVP with the same email address on your Storefront account to ensure you get in straight away.

If you use #StorefrontChicago on Instagram and Twitter, you get a chance to receive $100 off your next pop-up shop!

Follow the action at @Storefront or #StorefrontChicago on Twitter.


temporarnt space available to rent at storefront
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Featured Pop-Up Spaces this Week

THE BOX* Lifestyle Gallery

Storefront is incredibly excited to be launching in Chicago not just because it’s one of our favorite cities, but also because Chicago has an especially vibrant community that is all about supporting the arts. THE BOX* Lifestyle Gallery embodies this, and it’s currently one of our favorite Chicago spaces exactly for that reason.

Located in the hip Wicker Park District, THE BOX* features an exclusive back entrance and an intimate atmosphere for your next event. The gallery is an artistic space that combines art, fashion, and music into a unique blend that captures the urban Chicago lifestyle, and they are continually looking to bring in events that align with their mission statement. For $499, your art exhibit, charity fundraiser, fashion show, or photoshoot could be the next event hosted in THE BOX*.

The Box Lifestyle Gallery Chicago

Guzel Jewelry on Union Street
San Francisco

In the heart of the Cow Hollow District, a charming European style store has been selling local jewelry designs on Union Street since 2009. Since the opening of Guzel Jewelry, the brand has been steadily growing a following, and now they are proud to have a unique and established clientele who frequents the store.

Now that Guzel Jewelry has this established clientele, they are looking to introduce a young, up-and-coming designer, artist, or maker to this same clientele and help someone get their start. For only $25 a day, you can share this space with Guzel Jewelry to showcase your own products and begin establishing a clientele of your own.

Guzel Jewelry San Francisco

Bowery Boutique
New York City

This sunlit boutique on Kenmare is the perfect place for you to set up shop. With over 30 sq. ft. of window space, minimal whitewashed walls, and a 600 sq. ft. open floor plan, this space is a blank canvas waiting for an artist, designer, or maker like you to shape the space and showcase your work.

For only $350 a day, you can gain exposure for your work by opening up shop just steps away from the bustling, highly foot-trafficked Bowery. Host a showroom, launch your own line, or throw a launch party in this bright and modern boutique!

Bowery Boutique on Kenmare New York

Pazzo Gelato in Echo Park
Los Angeles

We know that National Ice Cream Day was yesterday, but today we’ve been thinking about gelato. Specifically, we’ve been thinking about a gelato cafe in Echo Park. With flavors like Toasted Almond Fig, Avocado, and Guiness Extra Stout, it’s no wonder Pazzo Gelato has gathered a large LA following.

Now for only $100 a day, Pazzo Gelato is offering up part of their store for rent, and you could be the next brand to pop-up with them. This gelato cafe is making room amongst its baked snacks and espresso to allow to bring your products in and showcase them in the window and outdoor space. So pop in, grab a scoop of Avocado ice cream, and pop-up with Pazzo Gelato.

Pazzo Gelato Echo Park Los Angeles

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Chicago Launch Party Vendors Announced

As we’re sure you know by now, Storefront is launching in Chicago! To celebrate, we’re throwing an unforgettable party in the Lacuna Artist Lofts on Tuesday, July 15. Of course, a Storefront party wouldn’t be complete without the presence of the brands, makers, and artists that make up our Storefront community. To give you a taste of the incredible people we’re working with in Chicago and the wide variety of different brands that have benefited from Storefront, we’ve offered free booths to 10 amazing brands to curate our very own Storefront Showcase for the party.

The following 10 brands will be popping up in Lacuna with us and will be armed with their products to sell, so bring your wallets and a friend to check out the Storefront Showcase at our Official Chicago Launch Party! Please RSVP here so we can look forward to seeing you there.

Samantha Sleeper

Samantha Sleeper Bridal Chicago

Samantha Sleeper may be shaking things up in New York City now, where she’s currently pursuing her life-long design dreams, but she’ll always be a Chicago native. In fact, her very first brick and mortar shop was a pop-up location alongside designers like David Yurman and Jill Sander on Oak Street. Clearly, she’s no stranger to Chicago or Storefront’s concept, which is why we’re so excited to have her at our Chicago Launch Party. Her clients include Tina Fey, Heidi Klum, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Giuliana Rancic, and on Tuesday, all of the wonderful Storefront Launch Party attendees. Her booth in our Storefront Showcase will feature several of her own elegant yet edgy designs, made from eco-conscious materials.

Peoples Garment Co

Peoples Garment Co Chicago

It’s no secret that Americans—and Chicagoans in particular—love sports. The folks at Peoples Garment Co take it one step further, hoping to use their apparel to share the history of sports and its huge role in our communities. Their company works to celebrate this history through their locally designed and printed shirts. Their high quality sports apparel reflects the simple, gritty, and unique qualities of this country’s athletic past. The Peoples Garment Co booth on Tuesday will feature a variety of their traditional shirts, so you can support a local sports team while also supporting a local brand.

Mitchell Black

Mitchell Black Online Chicago

Mitchell Black is a lifestyle brand that celebrates the aesthetic from the past through modern living. In 2012, Mitchell Black was created from a collection of vintage copper and silver plate etchings. These etchings have taken on a new life as a luxurious line of lifestyle products, including tabletop, wall art, stationery, and fragrance product lines. Their booth on Tuesday will feature the luxurious products that Mitchell Black stocks in retail stores across the United States, including Bergdorf Goodman in New York, and local stores like Hazel and Tabula Tua.

Flowers for Dreams

Flowers For Dreams Chicago

Flowers for Dreams was started outside the doors of a commencement ceremony. Steven, an inspired college student on summer break, convinced a friend in the floral industry to ship 300 rose bouquets to his parent’s garage in Chicago. His plan was to sell the bouquets as congratulatory gifts outside his former high school’s graduation. For each bouquet sold, he would fund a backpack with school supplies for a local student in need. Now, Flowers for Dreams is bringing locally crafted flowers to the masses, allowing anyone to send a local artisan bouquet in one click for $35 and free delivery. All bouquets are sourced, designed, and delivered by Flowers for Dream to ensure inspiring products. Finally, each purchase continues to benefit an amazing local charity in need. This July, purchases from Flowers and Dreams will go towards supporting the Chicago Special Olympics!


Brideside Chicago

Co-Founders of Brideside Sonali Lamba and Nicole Staple both have extensive experience with weddings — and bridesmaids. After trading stories about endless dress searches and mis-fitting frocks, they decided to come together to create Brideside and make the boutique experience more convenient, stress-free and inspiring – and bring the dresses you love right to your door. Brideside is the online shop for bridesmaid dresses that recreates the boutique experience from the comfort of your home. Their booth will feature a selection of hand-curated bridesmaid dresses, accessories, and will showcase their technology.


Zipfit Denim Chicago

ZipFit is a growing e-commerce company based in Chicago whose goal is to help get around the obstacles that make finding well-fitting and fashionable clothing online so difficult. ZipFit was created by Liz Kammel in 2010, who came across the idea that there had to be a better way to quickly match men with their ideal pair of jeans. Out of this idea, ZipFit was born, and the company created a special technology to help men find their perfect fit in seconds. This technology will be showcased in their booth, alongside a pop-up fitting room for guys to try on their perfect fit. They offer premium denim and shirts from some of the top brands on the market, along with complimentary alterations to tie your perfect fit together.

Laine Too Glitter Temporary Tattoos

Laine Too Temporary Glitter Tattoos Chicago

Laine Too provides unique temporary body art for occasions all around the Chicago area, and we are excited to be bringing them in for our Launch Party to continue painting the town red with the help of our red Storefront glitter tattoos! These fun temporary tattoos will be provided free to all guests, along several other Laine Too designs for you to enjoy.

Jackson Junge Gallery

Jackson Junge Gallery Chicago

Exhibiting both emerging and established artists in a wide range of mediums, the Jackson Junge Gallery is identified by its atmosphere, function, and energy. The gallery showcases an array of contemporary art and handmade non-functional crafts from a mix of local artists in Chicago’s vibrant Wicker Park/Bucktown neighborhood. The gallery believes that art should be accessible to everyone, and offers a wide range of price points to accommodate any budget. They are a service company, dedicated to long term relationships with our collectors and artists. On Tuesday, the gallery will create a small pop-up gallery of sorts to showcase some of their most unique work for purchase.

Modern Cooperative

Modern Cooperative Design Store Chicago

Modern Cooperative is a an eclectic store full of all things mid-century modern design, re-claimed/re-purposed goods, and vintage items. The store works to mix together the old and new, the high and low, the fun and the serious. In the Modern Cooperative, customers are able to browse items as varied as a vintage camera decorative piece, a mid-century nightstand, or a set of 1950’s ping pong paddles. The store has called Pilsen home for a number of years, and on Tuesday they’ll simply walk a few blocks to join the Storefront Showcase in the Lacuna Artist Lofts.

Debra Ward Nutritional Styling

Debra Ward Nutritional Styling Chicago

Debra Ward Nutritional Styling is about creating a better you; a more confident, stronger, healthier you. With Nutritional Styling you have the opportunity to effortlessly balance your body in new ways and reinvent yourself from the inside-out. DWNS operates on the idea that you can create a better body and mind by creating the perfect style for you and adjusting your eating habits for a healthier you. DWNS’s booth in the Storefront Showcase will feature several of their designs, and help explain how you can move forward to begin creating a more balanced and healthy body and lifestyle.


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