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Christmas : long-term magic with a short-term space !

Once Christmas is gone, it’s always the same story: It’s cold outside, all the presents have been opened, the holiday meals eaten and all one wants is for the Christmas spirit to come back! But what if the magic of Christmas was exactly that?  A momentary period that creates eternal memories… Just like a pop-up store!


Here are 5 good reasons why a pop-up store is a great bet for your brand this Christmas:

A pop-up is a space for… creativity!

A real space, and a real good space at that. The idea of a pop-up store is most relevant when focusing on experience, which is what Christmas and holiday shopping is all about! The holiday season is a perfect opportunity to set a scene for your customers in the physical world, to create a retail atmosphere for them right on the border between dream and holiday reality. For that, there is one key word: creativity. Let your ideas go. Run with how to create an experience for your customer, increasing the value of your brand and making the purchasing process something that won’t soon be forgotten. Associate your brand to an enchanting lifestyle, to the holiday season and the joy therein to offer your customers a unique experience. Too much doesn’t exist when we’re talking about Christmas!

Position your pop-up experience between rarity and exclusivity

What is at first glance assumed to be a disadvantage of opening a pop-up store is actually one of its biggest advantages; that it disappears! While it’s true that it always feels a little sad to see a pop-up store coming to an end, for the customer the short-term nature of a pop-up store adds a feeling of exclusivity, belonging and urgency to the in-store experience.  All there is to do then is enjoy the experience, because it won’t be around forever!

The holidays are a key period for retail

Other than the fact that most of us automatically associate the holiday period with presents and shopping, nearly two thirds of all retailers see their highest number of sales during the holiday season.  Historically, this physical retail goldmine that is the holiday season is an opportunity that many brands have had to forgo due to long-term lease requirements, a limited selection of spaces and high rental prices.  With Storefront these barriers need no longer hold your brand back from taking full advantage of this magical time of year.  With thousands of listings on our platform of all types, size and price and our concierge team always there to help, you are sure to find a perfect space to make the most of the holiday shopping craze.

Enter the competition of ideas and innovation

Christmas shopping is a battleground for new retail ideas and experiences. The flexibility and ease with which you can find and launch a pop-up store is the best way to get a leg up on the competition. Find a space in minutes or send us your idea and we’ll help you go beyond the competition this holiday season!

Create a buzz around your brand!

Christmas pop-up stores are a hot topic for retail journalists covering the holiday period! It’s very common to see magazines and webzines talking about those special short-term retail stores because they set trends for brands, introduce the products that will define the next year of retail and, most of all, consumers love them!

Find our best Storefront pop-up spaces for Christmas, for a moment we’re not ready to forget !