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Retailers Find Success at Art Basel

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December 7 marks the start of this year’s Miami-based Art Basel. The event is a convergence of artists from across the globe, allowing them to showcase works ranging from sculptures to film and paintings to photography.

Even if you’re not a retailer in the fine art space, Art Basel could be the perfect opportunity for your next pop-up. Even though it’s just around the corner, there are spaces to rent and time to get set up. Here’s how and why you might want to open a pop-up shop at Art Basel:

Targeted Audience

Art Basel draws more than 75,000 attendees — that’s more than 75,000 opportunities to introduce consumers to your brand, not to mention make a few sales. What’s valuable about the Art Basel audience is that it’s a specific demographic. You already know information about these consumers: their interest in art and probably a higher-than-average spending power. And this also tells you how to create an experience that they’ll not only enjoy, but remember and share.

It’s also a global audience, so you’re introducing yourself to new audiences elsewhere so they can shop your online shop after they return home from the event.

Who It’s Good For

The focus on art and creativity during Art Basel extends to the area’s pop-up shops. That, combined with the audience, makes the event an especially viable opportunity for specific types of retailers and brands:

  • Fashion brands
  • Luxury brands
  • Travel brands (many guests travel far to attend, and Art Basel partnered with BMW this year on the Art Basel Art Journey)

Creativity is rewarded here, and it’s essential if you want to stick out in a crowd of outside-the-box thinkers and makers. In 2015, #WELLCURATED’s salon and shop pop-up was poolside, complete with live music performances.

Many artists themselves are jumping into the pop-up scene too — and they’re met with lots of support. Young Artist Initiative, for example, is hosting the RAW Pop-Up that features up-and-coming artists’ works. If you don’t have art-related products yourself, you could use a pop-up as an opportunity to show your support for the art community and showcase artists instead of products.

There are other causes to get behind, too. Ethikal Pop-Up was an “all good” pop-up market that featured ethical fashion brands in 2015. And that’s not the only way to stand out.

Find a Place Last-Minute

Be it your own products or the work of emerging creatives, it’s still not too late to open a pop-up of your own during Art Basel. Spaces are still available to rent. Look for something closer to Miami Beach, since that’s where the event is based, and you’ll also get additional foot traffic from the area’s pedestrians.

Attend Other Art Basel Events

If you’re not able to make it down to Miami in time, there are other Art Basel events — one in Hong Kong, China and one in Basel, Switzerland. Or, make your debut in Miami and reacquaint yourself with attendees at an international Art Basel event to further familiarize consumers with your brand. That consistent presence also associates your brand with a highly regarded industry event.

Embark on your own retail success with a pop-up shop at Art Basel!