Why do you need Storefront for the Paris Fashion Week ?

The one who called the Fashion Week “Fashion Week” was certainly meaning “Fashion Weak”. Indeed, if we consider all the efforts, the stress, the terrible deadlines of this period, it’s probably a week of sleep we need right after. PRs and brands are nearly dead during the 2 to 6 of July 2017 for Haute Couture, and the 26 of September to 3 of October 2017 for the Women Ready To Wear (and we are not even mentioning the Menswear here). On top of that, the Parisian one is the most expected : Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, Saint Laurent start a terrible war, magazines like Vogue, Elle are fighting for the front rows, and the most prestigious guests have to be seen. How do we even stay human in this Fashion Jungle ? With Storefront, the global leader of temporary retail stores, there’s a real made to measure solution of care and support !

Welcome to the future of retail ! 

Storefront : find time for a space ! 

We’ll all agree on that point : the place if half the success of an event. During the Paris Fashion Week, brands enter in a severe competition ! Their desire to innovate is stronger than never, and their will to be unforgotten limitless. When a brand wants to set a showroom, it wants this showroom to enhance its DNA, both have to be in total harmony ! Indeed, the first mental image we have is the place. If this place if ephemeral, we want the memory to last for ever. Here’s the first challenge to find the ideal space : very often, brands lack of time and information and find some random space whereas they could have found a perfect space.

Storefront is a real concierge ! Its incredible database is full of the best places ever for your showrooms, press days or Pop-Up Shops. Storefront is all over Paris : from the luminous space in the heart of Paris to the charming little Parisian loft, or the white gallery in Le Marais. Hours spent on Google to find the perfect place : OVER ! Get over it, we give you something more precious than just a space, we give you time.


Storefront : you are not alone !

We are not real estate agents. At least, not traditional ones. When we work with a brand, we automatically become the brand we work for (or your nice colleague helping you with your researches). We take notes of your needs, we take time to understand you, and we take the trouble to surprise you. The service we provide is made to measure : you are unique, therefore you deserve a unique space.

Finding the right place to be. It’s where we want to start, but also where we want to finish. A central place ? The dreamy place may be in Opéra or in the 1st neighborhood of Paris. A visited and trendy place ? No doubt, it’s on Le Marais that you have to bet on. A one-of-a-kind place ? Let’s have a look on the 10th neighborhood of Paris. We take you with us, and we advise you because we love you! United we stand, divided we fall !

Storefront, the unforgettable experience…

We lie to you. It’s not a place we provide with Storefront, it’s a moment. We have the ambition to offer you a memory, an experience your customers will remember for ever.

The Paris Fashion Week is really the Fashion nerve : International trade shows like Who’s Next, Maison & Objet, or the numerous designers shows make this period unique for the brands as they gather an international population.

Whether you are willing to launch a Pop-Up Shop, an ephemeral restaurant, to show your collections in an exceptional place, we’ll follow you, deep sea baby ! With Storefront, the retail experience is our priority : we do everything we can to find a place at the lever of your creativity. We want to write with you the story of a book you’ll never want to close ! Just because we believe the craziest stories are the most true, just because we believe in you.


At Storefront, we are just waiting for your message to book the place of your dreams!

We’d love to know you better and to understand what your needs are to help you even more! Do you have two minutes?