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Rent a One of a Kind Pop-Up Store Inside Historic NYC Hotel


From time to time, everyone desires a sense of escapism. Sometimes, it is to depart to a place completely different than the life they normally lead. Other times, it is to be taken back to a bygone era… A simpler time. At the Paramount Hotel in NYC, patrons can fulfil both desires.

The Paramount Hotel was one of the first hotels to be constructed in the Times Square district during the 1920’s. The hotel pays homage to its rich history with a stunning exterior. Soaring arches held together by orate columns, Art Deco windows with sweeping views, and a pristine white façade feel as if you stepped into a Film Noir movie.

Inside, The Paramount Hotel surprises its guests with a completely different atmosphere. The hotel has been completely renovated into a fresh, modern, trendy, and romantic destination. The modern interior is the perfect juxtaposition to the Prohibition era street entrance. An impressive 2 story lobby warmly welcomes you inside The Paramount Hotel. No detail has been spared to make this 597 room hotel live up to its moniker. The Paramount Hotel truly is the paramount in design, hospitality, location, and innovation.

Retail and Pop-Up Stores are the next frontier for this forward thinking hotel. Located at street level, The Paramount Hotel has listed a retail space with all of the amenities to take a Pop-Up Store to the next level. Rich dark wood cabinetry and transparent glass fixtures make the space feel luxe and modern. The environment reads sophisticated, instantly transforming any brand into an elevated designer perception, regardless of price point. The immense 1,200 sq. ft. of available space is an anomaly in New York real estate. Even Wall Street CEOS do not possess penthouse lofts remotely similar in size.

Take a closer look into everything the Paramount Hotel can do to make your Pop-Up Store a huge success.