Photo Flip: 8 Rooftops Spaces to Rent This Summer in NYC

Written by Arielle Crane

Summer in New York City means rooftop season. As thousands of brands are opening pop-up spaces and galleries this season in high foot-traffic areas to capture the excitement and Summer vibes of the locals and tourists, what better way to stand out than to host your next event or store on a rooftop overlooking the city? 

Rooftops provide the ultimate escape from the crowded city streets, and our spaces have enough room for any brand or artist to launch a new Summer product, plan a Summer event or even open a unique showroom. We’ve listed 8 of our favorite spots on our platform below. Click on each photo to get to know more! And feel free to peruse our site for even more outdoors spaces for whatever you may be envisioning.

1. Cozy rooftop lounge in Hell’s Kitchen


2. A stand-out rooftop garden space

3. Cozy rooftop space in Soho

4. Upper East Side rooftop space with a gorgeous view

5. Lovely open air space in the Financial District

6.  Large SoHo rooftop space

7. Multi-use rooftop deck and event space in Long Island City


8. Williamsburg rooftop space with unbeatable views

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About the author

Arielle Crane

Arielle is the Communications Manager at Storefront. Beyond offering up insights on the future of retail and pop-up shops, she also loves to write, travel and watch documentaries. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.