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Marc Jacobs New York Fashion Week 2014 Lean Retail: Pay in Tweets, Keep Your Cash


A snowstorm isn’t the only flurry set to hit the streets during New York City’s Fashion Week February 6-13th, 2014. There is guaranteed to be quite a flurry of #selfies taken inside Marc Jacob’s temporary Pop-up Store The Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop.

Always one to challenge conventional norms, Jacobs is taking to New York Fashion Week and opening up a Lean Retail venture from February 7-9th whose only currency comes in the form of hashtags. Yes, you heard that right. Cash-strapped fashion savvy consumers recovering from the dreaded “first of the month” can still enjoy a designer pop-up shop and walk out with merchandise that doesn’t come in the form of your own five finger discount.

Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop, is just that; a social media experimentation that involved the exchange of social media to generate one of today’s richest forms of revenue… a trending social media hashtag. Fans perusing the perfumery are encouraged to hashtag #MJDAISYCHAIN, and at the sales support team’s behest, receive a Marc Jacobs perfume of their choice.


In a world where a typical girls-nights-out consists more of tagging themselves on Instagram and choosing the perfect filter rather than exchanging physical conversation, many brands feel the need to attack only the online realm. Which logically speaking, makes sense.

But what these brands forget is that the women still need to feel that the environment they are in is worth hashtagging, checking-in, status updating, and tweeting. Marc Jacobs embraces this knowledge, and made Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop a completely sensorial experience.

Complete with celebrity night-club fixture DJ Jily Hendrix spinning for fashion’s elite, abstract daisy themed graffiti street art from Langley Fox, and a photo-booth dedicated to all of the duck-face’s you secretly practice in the safety of your own home; Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop is a far departure from the conventional runway shows and presentations that make up the very DNA of New York’s annual Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

Leave it to Marc Jacobs to shake things up a bit, and leave followers panting in his wake desperately trying to apply his method to their next Lean Retail environment.

But by then, he’ll probably be hosting his Fall 2015 collection on the moon. Possible hashtag? #MJTOTHEMOONANDBACK.



Girl Smoking a Daisy, Langley Fox.