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The Sophelle Focus Report on Boundaryless Commerce: POP-UP RETAIL

Sophelle Focus Report Pop-Up Retail

As the retail industry continues to evolve, brands must embrace the change and upgrade their growth strategies to survive and thrive in the current hostile industry nature. The rise of Pop-Up Stores, driven by fluidity in the commercial real estate industry and the saturated world of eCommerce, is providing brands the opportunity to connect with customers, launch new products and explore new territories with no boundaries.

The Sophelle Focus Report “Boundaryless Commerce: POP-UP RETAIL” is the first in a series of reports diving into the future of retail and providing valuable insights for the retail industry. Featuring key players from all aspects of short-term retail from creative agencies to staffing solutions, the report is a prime resource for any retailer looking to expand using the low risk, high return format of short-term retail ventures. Storefront is democratizing the commercial real estate industry on a global scale as the world’s largest marketplace to find and book short-term retail space. With exceptional customer service, innovative tech solutions and an unparalleled portfolio of incredible spaces, Storefront is transforming the retail and commercial real estate industries for the better, connecting brands with space owners through a seamless transaction.

Download the full Sophelle Focus Report to discover what Boundaryless Retail means for your business, or learn more about Storefront and how a Pop-Up Store could transform your brand.