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Storefront Guide: Pop-Up Stores in Nolita, Noho & Bowery, NYC

NoHo Nolita Pop-Up Stores
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Nolita, Noho and Bowery are three of New York’s smallest and trendiest neighborhoods. The welcoming vibe paired with the diverse mix of business make this area a great spot to open a Pop-Up Store. These charming neighborhoods offer a break from the bustle. Known for charming boutiques, great eats, classic building and artisan cafes, the area is cool with a sense of ease.


Nolita Pop-Up Stores

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This neighborhood has earned a reputation as a trendy and expensive place to live for the rich and stylish. Vast refurbished lofts tower over the popular bars and restaurants. Noho has an authentic edge thanks to its bohemian vibe. Many of the local businesses are independent which keeps the character and charm alive.

NoHo Apartments Showroom Space

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This recently revamped area is becoming a shopping hotspot. Once named on the National Register of Historic Places as “among New York’s most architecturally diverse and historically significant streetscape[s]”, Bowery has seen huge transformations in the past few years. Brands including Patagonia, Kenneth Cole and Nudie Jeans as well as numberous art galleries, bars and restaurants.

Bowery Pop-Up Stores

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Storefront Spaces in Nolita, Noho and Bowery
Pop-Up Store on Bowery

White-Box Retail Space in Nolita

This prime 3,000 sq ft retail space is located in the busy and sought after area of Nolita and is ideal for Pop-Up Stores, Brand and Product Launches and Showrooms. This space has a modern frontage with display windows which offer good visibility on the busy street. Learn more..

Pop-Up Space in Bowery

Art Space in Bowery

This 2,000 sq ft gallery space in the bustling area of Bowery is ideal for art exhibitions and creative retail events. The interiors are white-washed and fresh with an open plan and a polished gray floor. The long room is adaptable in terms of set-up. Learn more..

Pop-Up Store in Bowery

Prime Corner Unit on Bowery

This raw yet characterful 400 sq ft space is located in Bowery and close to Two Bridges. It is ideal for Pop-Up Stores, Creative Brand Launches and Events. Learn more..

Pop-Up Art Space in Bowery

Pop-Up Art Space in Bowery

This flexible boutique space is located in the bustling area of Bowery. At 285 sq ft this space is perfect for pop-up stores, creative events and product launches. This space has extensive facilities including garment racks and a security system, this space well-equipped for a range of retail types. Learn more..


Pop-Up Shop in Nolita

Pop-Up Shop in Nolita

With an eye-catching bright blue frontage and window display, this 400 sq ft boutique space is inviting. The interiors are simple making the space adaptable, a lovely blank canvas on which to curate your perfect pop-up retail experience. Learn more..

Prime Retail Unit in Nolita

Prime Retail Unit in Nolita

Situated close to Broadway – Lafayette Subway station, this 2,100 sq ft space is easily accessible and benefits from a high level of foot traffic in an area popular with stylish shoppers.  Learn more..

Creative Art Space in Bowery

Creative Art Space in Bowery

The 3,800 sq ft gallery is a premium space ideal for Art Exhibitions and high-end Launch Events, it’s bright white interiors and trendy vibe make it a great opportunity for artists and brands looking to make a statement. Learn more..

Ready to find and book your ideal Pop-Up Store or Gallery Space in New York? Take a look at Storefront Spaces in the area and make your ideas happen.