Getting Started – How To Optimize Your Listing To Get More Requests


We provide pro tips and insights from top performing spaces so that you can optimize your listing.

1) High-Quality Photos:

Great photos attract more qualified brands. Be sure that the photos clearly represent the space that you are renting out. The more the merrier!

  1. First, make sure the space is clean – the photos sell the space.
  2. We recommend formatting the pixel ratio for high-quality photos to 1200 x 800, 600×400, or 300×200. A 4:3 aspect ratio will display more accurately.

You should include exterior and interior shots.


Shoot the entrance to space such as door/sign/address plate.


Include shots of the windows and view as a passerby.


Take shots of the neighborhood, surrounding stores, iconic local sites, and street signs.



Entrance of the store


Be sure to shoot from all corners of the space

Front to back

sf-blog-300x210 357_W36th_NYC_Interior1F-300x200.

and back to front


Include shots of any additional features in the space such as restrooms, changing rooms, storage etc.

2) Detailed Space Description:

This is your opportunity to SELL, SELL, SELL.  Highlight the space features and set the expectation of the type of brand you would like to rent your space out to.

  • Feature your space
    • Point out all nearby brands or stores that could be relevant to potential renters
    • Mention past tenants
    • Mention the type of the neighborhood the space is in i.e foot traffic, sites
    • Be sure to include the proximity of public transport to your space
  • Vet your leads
    • Provide details on the type of tenant you are seeking so that you receive inquiries from brands that match your needs
      • You can specify the industry, i.e fashion, sporting goods, or state no preference
      • Add additional details on the ideal rental length. For example, “We are flexible on the rental length.” , or ” We cannot accept inquires less than 6 months.”

3) Price Your Space:

Spaces with a listed price receive 3x more requests from qualified brands than spaces with inquire for pricing.

  • Remember you can negotiate the pricing after the request is made by the prospective renter. You can also change the invoice as many times as needed before the booking is complete



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