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Pop-Up Britain Opens Collaborative Shop in Piccadilly, London

Pop-Up Stores are taking off in the UK, as Internet brands and small providers band together to secure major retail space for short-term events. This kind of innovative space-making is changing the face of retail, even in some of the most upscale and traditional retail spaces on the planet.
Pop-Up Fortunes Beginning on August 12, PopUp Britain launched a project at 213 Piccadilly — only 10 metres from the famed Piccadilly Circus. The initiative gives 30 British retail start-ups a chance to peddle their wares before some of the most discerning (and well-connected) shoppers in the land. It’s a Cinderella story of historic proportions.
Pop-up Picadilly is a Smashing Success
So far, Pop-Up Britain tenants have had extremely high satisfaction rates. Start-up retailers have reported unparalleled exposure to potential investors, mentors, buyers and resources that would have been beyond the pale before the Piccadilly project took off. Visits from top-level management at industry trend-setters like Christian Dior and Vogue, combined with noise from buyers like Anthropologie and Waterstones, has made this a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many start-up dreamers. Pop-Up Britain and Intuit have even been shortlisted for the Corporate Engagement Awards thanks to the innovative use of space and community planning to build entrepreneurship in the digital age.
You can still see the phenomenon in action at 213 Piccadilly. Stop by again and again to see what unexpected surprises tomorrow’s high street sellers have for you today!